Joint Operation Planning .....JOP– All type of planning involving joint military forces in regards to military operations including, but not limited to, mobilization


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    warship friend link info



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    warship friend link info

    Post by Reapermod on Fri Jan 20, 2017 5:59 pm

    John Preston January 20, 2017 12:22 AM
    Hey Reapermod,

    Thank you for contacting Wargaming America support!

    I am sorry to hear that you may not have received any rewards from the recruit a friend program.

    Currently, I am not seeing that your account has been bound to anyone else's.

    This can happen if all of the steps have not been followed when creating your account.

    You can see the steps here:

    Click on the invite link that is provided by the recruiter and create a Wargaming account.

    Once the account is created you should log into your account on the main portal.

    Once logged in, you should click on the invite link again. You will see the message "You've been invited by “Your friend here” " and be offered to accept the invite. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be connected to your friends account as a recruit.

    If you click on the invite link again or go to the Play with friends site, you can see a message stating that you have been recruited.

    Please remember that a friend can accept the invite only before reaching Service level 3. Once service level 3 is reached and the invitation is not properly accepted, you're no longer eligible for this program.

    Unfortunately, if a player has not properly accepted a recruit a friend invite, we cannot manually bind the accounts in World of Warships.

    In this case, we can recommend that you recreate an account and make sure your accounts have been bound before playing any battles.

    That being said, if you do not wish to create another account, we can go ahead and provide you the goods that you would have received from this system.

    Can you please provide the name of your recruit so we can make sure to credit them their reward as well?

    Lastly, if you do decide to have us credit you the rewards manually, I would like to state that for tracking reasons, your accounts will not be linked in our system.

    This means that if there are any future awards or events that require participation in the recruit a friend program, these accounts will not qualify.

    Please contact us back on how you would like to proceed. Have a great day Captain.

    Best Regards,

    John Preston

    Wargaming America Support

    You can always check your ticket status by logging into our Support Portal:

    Wargaming Support is now on Twitter! Follow us @WargamingCS for updates and announcements.

    Please don't forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed.

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