Joint Operation Planning .....JOP– All type of planning involving joint military forces in regards to military operations including, but not limited to, mobilization


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    Post by Reapermod on Mon May 08, 2017 3:40 pm

    Additionally, all Commendations you have earned in the current match are collected in a container where you can quickly see an overview of your current progress:

    This container can be moved to any location you like by clicking and dragging it around on your screen. You can also adjust various elements and settings about Commendations in the UI sections of the Settings menu, including turning them off.
    In order to help you quickly gauge the type of Commendations you have or have just received, Commendation icons have been color coded based on their category:
    Red: Kills, Assists
    Orange: Damage, Assisted Damage, Designated Damage, Destroying Modules, Killing Crew
    Yellow: Spotting, Spotting Damage
    Blue: Allies Hidden, Base Capture/Defense, Objectives
    You can also see a list of these in-match on the tab overlay, as well as the actions required to earn each Commendation.
    It's important to note that Commendations are just feedback on actions that already provide Reputation and Credit rewards. They do not provide any additional reward, and are distinct from Awards and Achievements.
    Unique commendations are awarded to players for accomplishing any of the following actions:
    From left to right the order should be as follows:

    First row:
    Killing an Enemy (Slayer)
    Assisting a Kill (Wingman)
    Damaging an Enemy (Bruiser)
    Destroying Enemy Modules (Saboteur)
    Killing Enemy Crew (Widowmaker)
    Assisting Damage (Facilitator)
    Designated Damage (Tactician)
    Spotting Damage (Instigator)

    Second row:
    Spotting an Enemy (Scout)
    Allies Hidden By Smoke Shells/Grenades (Blinder)
    Base Capture (Infiltrator)
    Base Defense (Defender)
    Completing an Objective (Operative)


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